Industrial action

Industrial action,

Definition of Industrial action:

  1. Action taken by employees of a company as a protest, especially striking or working to rule.

  2. Steps such as a strike or work to rule that workers of a firm may take to enforce their demands or to press addressing of their grievances.

Synonyms of Industrial action

Demonstration, March, Protest march, Peace camp, Rally, Sit-in, Human chain, Occupation, Sleep-in, Dirty protest, Write-in, Non-cooperation

How to use Industrial action in a sentence?

  1. A two-year pay deal to end six months of industrial action.

Meaning of Industrial action & Industrial action Definition

Industrial Action,

What is The Definition of Industrial Action?

  1. Industrial Action definition is: Also known as the British invasion. In the United States, it is known as Job Action. Protests from employees who refuse work, usually because they want better wages and / or better working conditions.

Literal Meanings of Industrial Action


Meanings of Industrial:
  1. Sector related or features

  2. A very large number or extension.

  3. Associated with it or refers to the non-controversial type of rock music that sounds like an industrial machine.

  4. Shares in industrial companies

Sentences of Industrial
  1. Small industrial town

  2. We are facing tax evasion on an industrial scale

  3. Strong industrial dance music

  4. Although Nasdaq is at ٪ 9, this year's share price has risen 60% to 70 70, beating other Dow Jones industrialists.

Synonyms of Industrial

factory, manufacturing


Meanings of Action:
  1. The act or process of doing something to achieve the overall goal.

  2. A method or method of working, usually the way a method works or how one moves.

  3. Armed conflict

  4. Suit, action

Sentences of Action
  1. Promises stern action against permanent abuses

  2. Often question their actions

  3. The gun is fast and smooth

  4. Soldiers disappeared during the war

  5. Damage claims

Synonyms of Action

act, endeavour, armed conflict, cause, war, enterprise, deed, accomplishment, suit, manoeuvre, conflict, combat, lawsuit, steps, venture, working, achievement, fighting, legal contest, prosecution, case