Definition of Induction:

  1. Identification and training of employees for new jobs or positions in the company.

Meanings of Induction

  1. The act or process of transferring someone to a location or organization.

  2. Action or action gives birth to or gives birth to something.

  3. Consequences of general law in specific cases.

  4. Formation of an electric or magnetic state by proximity (without contact) to an electric or magnetic object.

  5. The phase of the internal combustion engine's duty cycle when the fuel mixture is drawn into the cylinder.

Sentences of Induction

  1. Adding the league to the Baseball Hall of Fame

  2. Other forms of addiction include loneliness, hunger and stress

  3. Natural laws cannot be determined by inclusion.

  4. He also worked on wave propagation, electricity generation, earthquakes, aviation and oceanography.

Synonyms of Induction

deduction, deducing, inference, drawing out, inferring, gleaning, induction, deriving, extraction, gathering, eliciting