Definition of Inducement:

  1. Law: (1) Persuasion by enticement, threat, or urging to commit a crime or pursue a particular course of action. It is practically impossible to clearly differentiate between the legal meanings of advice, enticement, inducement, and procurement. (2) Statement of preliminary facts presented to establish the criminal nature of an alleged offense.

  2. Contracting: Advantage, benefit, or consideration that causes a party to enter into a binding agreement, or motivates it to perform more efficiently and cost effectively.

  3. A thing that persuades or influences someone to do something.

Synonyms of Inducement

Incentive, Attraction, Encouragement, Temptation, Incitement, Stimulation, Stimulus, Bait, Lure, Pull, Draw, Spur, Goad, Impetus, Motive, Motivation, Provocation, Trinkgeld, Agacerie, Allure, Allurement, Appeal, Attraction, Attractiveness, Bait, Beguilement, Beguiling, Bewitchery, Bewitchment, Blandishment, Bonus, Bounty, Bribe, Cajolement, Cajolery, Captivation, Carrot, Charisma, Charm, Charmingness, Coaxing, Come-hither, Come-on, Conning, Consideration, Donative, Double time, Enchantment, Encouragement, Engagement, Enlistment, Enthrallment, Enticement, Entrapment, Exhortation, Fascination, Fee, Fillip, Flirtation, Forbidden fruit, Glamour, Gratuity, Gravy, Grease, Honorarium, Hortation, Incentive, Incentive pay, Incitement, Interest, Inveiglement, Invitation, Jawboning, Lagniappe, Largess, Liberality, Lobbying, Lure, Magnetism, Palm oil, Payment, Percentage, Perks, Perquisite, Persuasion, Persuasive, Pourboire, Preaching, Preachment, Premium, Profit, Provocation, Reward, Sales talk, Salesmanship, Salve, Seducement, Seduction, Seductiveness, Selling, Sex appeal, Snaring, Snow job, Soft soap, Solicitation, Something extra, Sportula, Spur, Stimulation, Stimulative, Stimulus, Suasion, Sweet talk, Sweetener, Sweetening, Tantalization, Temptation, Tip, Wheedling, Whet, Winning ways, Winsomeness, Witchery, Wooing, Working on

How to use Inducement in a sentence?

  1. You can offer an inducement to someone if you really need them to get on your side but they are playing hard to get.
  2. The inducement engaged in by the firm was not ethical so we hired a firm that specialized in handling matters such as this.
  3. Companies were prepared to build only in return for massive inducements.
  4. The declaration should also clearly state whether or not hospitality or inducement of any kind had been received from any of the persons mentioned.

Meaning of Inducement & Inducement Definition