Individual Annuities – Special

Individual Annuities – Special,

What is Individual Annuities – Special?

Contracts with many important attributes.

Literal Meanings of Individual Annuities – Special


Meanings of Individual:
  1. Different people

  2. From or to a specific person.

  3. A person who is different from a group, class or family.

Sentences of Individual
  1. Small flower

  2. The individual needs of the child

  3. Boat tours for parties and private parties

Synonyms of Individual

separate, single, discrete, independent


Meanings of Annuities:
  1. Usually for a lifetime, someone is paid a certain amount each year.

Sentences of Annuities
  1. At your will. 1,000 pension

Synonyms of Annuities

financial support, pocket money, remittance, stipend, contribution, annuity, benefit, expenses, payment, subsidy, maintenance, consideration, upkeep, handout, grant, pension, subsistence, sum of money, keep


Meanings of Special:
  1. Better, taller or different than usual.

  2. Designed or organized for a specific event or purpose, such as an event, product or show.

Sentences of Special
  1. They always work hard at Christmas

  2. Election night special

Synonyms of Special

noteworthy, unique, uncommon, extra special, remarkable, outstanding, exceptional, particular, marked, singular, unusual, notable