Indifference Curve

Indifference Curve,

Indifference Curve Meanings:

  1. You can define Indifference Curve as, A two product detachment is a curve that represents a combination of two products that satisfies the user perfectly or equally.

    • The apathy curve represents a combination of two goods that provide the user with the same satisfaction and benefits, leaving him indifferent.
    • Along with the curve, the user has the same preference over the combination of goods offered, i.e., he is indifferent to any combination of goods on the curve.
    • In general, the real detachments are curves and no apathy curve is ever crossed.

Literal Meanings of Indifference Curve


Meanings of Indifference:
  1. Lack of interest, attention or empathy.

Sentences of Indifference
  1. He shrugged his shoulders and pretended not to care

Synonyms of Indifference

nonchalance about, lack of interest in, apathy towards, uninvolvement in, unconcern about, uninvolvement with, obliviousness to, lack of concern about, apathy about, disregard for


Meanings of Curve:
  1. Form or shape curves.

  2. A line or contour that slowly deviates from a straight line in part or along its entire length.

Sentences of Curve
  1. Your face makes you smile

  2. The parapet sinks into a thick curve

Synonyms of Curve

curl, loop, curve, spiral, turn, bow, bend, twist, wind, snake, meander, coil, undulate, arch