Indie Photo

Indie Photo

What is in photography? ۔

I saw many blogs and photo groups and I didn't understand. Most of what I saw was removed and rejected. I don't think any structural or visual rules need to be followed if the end result looks good, but the only thing that is key to an integrated photography is that the images don't match anything. The reason is that photographers do not know what they are doing and sometimes get involved in recreational accidents.

What did i lose

I think it just makes sense to justify py results as avant-garde. What I find interesting is the use of the word.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, unconventional alternative rock emerged and musicians struggled to sign major label deals. Through free promotion or very small labels, they got the term rock, which combines a selective, unconventional style with freedom across all four labels. From there, an entire genre of music called In (or Indie) evolved, and now it doesn't matter if the band is under a big label or not.

So, this group or blogger uses something related to them as a whole to describe their style of photography (or lack thereof?). Basically anything is possible, it's not normal, so it's cool and interesting.

It's an English word :)

In the picture

In photography, we usually use the Silver P camera, which has many disadvantages. Lomography in photography. Usually these are cups of coffee in abandoned cafes, grandma's needles, a pair wrapped under a blanket, someone jumping into the river, a young man running with fireworks, and so on. Do you understand Check shipped VSCO with old PTO filter.

Indie Photo