Definition of Indicator:

  1. Measurable variable used as a representation of an associated (but non-measured or non-measurable) factor or quantity. For example, consumer price index (CPI) serves as an indicator of general cost of living which consists of many factors some of which are not included in computing CPI. Indicators are common statistical devices employed in economics. See also economic indicators and measure.

  2. A gauge or meter of a specified kind.

  3. A compound that changes color at a specific pH value or in the presence of a particular substance, and can be used to monitor acidity, alkalinity, or the progress of a reaction.

  4. A thing, especially a trend or fact, that indicates the state or level of something.

Synonyms of Indicator

Measure, Gauge, Barometer, Index, Mark, Sign, Signal, Meter, Measuring instrument, Measuring device, Measure, Gauge, Dial, Display, Scale, Index, Fathometer, JP, Justice, Arbiter, Arbitrator, Badge, Banner, Bencher, Bob, Character, Characteristic, Control indicator, Count-rate meter, Critic, Current indicator, Density indicator, Depth sounder, Detonation indicator, Device, Differentia, Display, Earmark, Echo sounder, Fault lamp, Flowmeter, Galvanometer, Gauge, Hallmark, His honor, His lordship, His worship, Humidity indicator, Hygrometer, Idiosyncrasy, Image, Index, Indicant, Insignia, Interferometer, Ionization gauge, Judge, Justice, Keynote, Lead, Liquid-level indicator, Load indicator, Logger, Magistrate, Mark, Measure, Meter, Moderator, Needle, Note, PH meter, Peculiarity, Picture, Plumb, Plumb bob, Plumb line, Plummet, Pointer, Potentiometer, Probe, Property, Psychometer, Pyrometer, Referee, Representation, Representative, Seal, Sigil, Sign, Signal, Signature, Sound, Space probe, Stamp, Sure sign, Symptom, Telltale sign, Thermocouple, Time-interval meter, Trait, Turn indicator, Umpire, Vibration meter, Voltage indicator

How to use Indicator in a sentence?

  1. If your business has been struggling that can be a good indicator that some changes may need to be made.
  2. If your business has been struggling that can be a good indicator that some changes may need to be made.
  3. The remaining alkali is titrated against standard acid using phenolphthalein as indicator.
  4. The wet ground on the sides of the river bank was a clear indicator that the water had risen at least eighteen inches during the two-day rain storm.
  5. A speed indicator.
  6. Car ownership is frequently used as an indicator of affluence.

Meaning of Indicator & Indicator Definition

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Indicator: What is the Meaning of Indicator?

  1. Indicators are data used to measure current data and predict financial or economic trends.

Meanings of Indicator

  1. Something, especially a trend or reality, that indicates the status or level of something.

  2. Pressure gauges or specific types of meters.

  3. Compounds that change color at a certain pH or in the presence of certain substances and can be used to monitor the development of acidity, alcoholism or any reaction.

Sentences of Indicator

  1. Car ownership is often used as an indicator of wealth.

  2. Speedometer

  3. The remaining alkalis are treated with phenolphthalein as an indicator against the standard acid.



  1. You can define Indicator as, Indicators are statistics that are used to measure current conditions and predict financial or economic trends.

Meanings of Indicator

  1. Anything that indicates the condition or degree of something.

  2. A special type of pressure gauge or pressure gauge.

  3. A compound that changes color at a specific pH or in the presence of a particular substance and can be used to monitor the development of acidity, alkalinity or a reaction.

Sentences of Indicator

  1. Residual alcohols are indicated with phenolphthalein against standard acids.

Synonyms of Indicator

guide to, test, touchstone, criterion, benchmark, litmus test, guideline, yardstick, point of reference, standard