Indexing, Indexation

Indexing, Indexation,

Indexing, Indexation Meanings:

  • Indexing, Indexation means, Adjustments to the limits of sedentary and reinsurance with economic activity such as consumer price index (CPI). In the case of an index, the initial retention of the assignee and the insurance threshold are increased as a result of the distribution of the index on the day determined by the index calculated from the effective date of the contract.

Literal Meanings of Indexing, Indexation


Meanings of Indexing:
  1. The process or process for creating an index.

  2. The movement of one machine or part from the predicted position of another to perform a series of actions.

Indexing, Indexation,

How To Define Indexing, Indexation?

  • Indexing, Indexation refers to Adjusting franchise boundaries and reinsuring based on economic activities such as the Consumer Index (IPC). In indexing, the cadet's verbal retention and reinsurance threshold are multiplied by the effective date of the re-settlement agreement as a result of the index being distributed on the day of the settlement.

Literal Meanings of Indexing, Indexation


Meanings of Indexing:
  1. The process or process of compiling an index.

  2. Moves a machine or part of a machine from one default position to another in order to continue the operation.

  3. Automatically associates a price (price, salary, or other payment) with the price index value.

  4. (Machine or part of a machine) moves from one predefined position to another to perform a sequence of tasks.

Sentences of Indexing
  1. Employees benefit from an organized process with more accurate document indexing.

  2. Voice with transverse slide and indexing device.

  3. List of articles under regional headings

  4. The Supreme Soviet passed a law linking wages to prices.

  5. Flip and index to occupy adjacent joint positions.


Sentences of Indexation
  1. And when the Prime Minister said it was a record funding, a 25% increase, the opposition said it was mostly fair indexing.

  2. This will lead to a complete indexing of the tax threshold, a reduction in potential taxes and an increase in spending in politically sensitive areas.

  3. Frozen or indexed exclusions can be used for assets acquired before this date.

  4. The current wage indexing system was developed under the Carter administration in 1977 (you guessed it).