How To Define Indexation?

Indexation means: Indexing is a system or technique used by organizations or governments to link asset prices and values. It does this by combining adjustments in asset prices, service prices, or other specific values ​​with a specific price or composite index. During indexing, the price index is determined and it is determined whether the price index can achieve the security objectives of the company. Indexing is more commonly used for wages in an inflationary environment. Indexing is also known as scheduling.

  • Indexing means adjusting prices, wages, or other values ​​based on changes in other price or composite price indicators.
  • Ind Indexing can be used to adjust the effects of inflation, livelihoods over time or input prices, or to calculate different prices and costs in different regions.
  • Inflation is often used to raise wages in an inflationary environment, where failure to negotiate a permanent wage increase will result in a permanent reduction in real workers' wages.

The definition of Indexation is: See: Correspondence index

You can define Indexation as, Another name for index crawling. An investment strategy aimed at making a profit that is linked to a given financial index. The term is also used to describe an automatic increase in pension contributions.