Definition of Index:

  1. A set of competitors or superscripts or subscripts.

  2. Automatically associate a price (price, salary, or other payment) with the price of the price index.

  3. (A machine or part of it) rotates or moves from one default position to another to perform a series of operations.

  4. An indicator of a device that represents a quantity, position on a scale, etc.

  5. An indication, mark or measure of something.

  6. An alphabetical list of elements (such as names or terms) printed at the end of the text with the page number on which the element is located.

  7. Data tools that combine a set of data (usually related to the price or quantity of a basket of goods and services) into twenty numbers. This composite number is used as a reference to measure changes in price or quantity over a specific period (month, quarter, year). A base is usually priced at 100 and all subsequent figures are displayed. For example, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for a year could be 95 (indicating a 5% decrease in price) or 105 (indicating a 5% increase in price). An index also measures the rise and fall of industrial production and the market prices of bonds, bonds, commodities, stocks, etc. See also indexing.

  8. Save (name, title, etc.) to the index.

  9. Alphabetical list of names, articles, etc., with reference to where they appeared, usually at the end of the book.

Synonyms of Index

Backlist, Cut, Thesaurus, Hachure, Scent, Indices, Ingredients, Studbook, Preface, Composition, Map maker, Indication, Terrestrial globe, Sort, Suggestion, Vital statistics, Smack, Climatic chart, Signature, Dictionary catalog, Political map, Evidence, Title page, Marking, Endpaper, Trick, Imprint, Factor, Look, Contraband, Hand, Meridian, Mark down, Handlist, Elements, Incise, Keynote, Proscription, Arrow, Guideboard, Physical map, Compass needle, Repression, Latitude, Transportation map, Guts, Log, Parallel, Differential, Front matter, Tang, Categorize, Alphabetize, Class, Chalk, Dactylion, Law, Seal, Jot down, Fill out, Brand, Earmark, Evidence, Banner, Terrain map, Thumb, Lead, Mark, Polyconic projection, Suspicion, Forbidden fruit, Whole, Symptom, Gust, Nod, Table, Foreword, Inhibition, Minimus, Distinctive feature, Endsheet, Badge, Forbidding, Interdict, Chalk up, Page, Tape-record, Gnomonic projection, Innards, Enter, Casebook, Atlas, Subtitle, Milepost, Source book, Inscription, Indexes, Figure, Write, Preliminaries, Bibliography Index, Contents, Finding list, Harmony, Chorographer, Enumerate, Character, Baedeker, Azimuthal equidistant projection, Preclusion, Chronicle, Sumptuary laws, Signpost, Order, Record, Rank, Singularity, Insinuation, Hint, Aeronautical chart, Measure, Glimmer, Index librorum prohibitorum, Ban, Suggestion, Write up, Prompt, Guidepost, Mold, Bibliography, Flavor, Guide, Digest, Docket, Encyclopedia, Topographer, Particularity, Statute, Errata, Formula, Note down, Type, Write in, Map projection, Put down, Census, Prohibitory injunction, Mannerism, Sigil, Codify, Yellow Pages, Marker, Makeup, Handbook, Prevention, Make a note, Program, Polyglot, Longitude, Rejection, Feature, Keep score, File, Impression, Lambert conformal projection, Celestial globe, Signboard, Group, Put in writing, Constituents, Pointer, Astronomical chart, Fore edge, Peculiarity, Attribute, Classified directory, Odor, Table of organization, Classify, Impress, List, Part, Assort, Calendar, Critical bibliography, Configuration, Device, Place, Insides, Intimation, Eighteenth Amendment, Phototopography, Medius, Hour hand, Take down, Make a memorandum, Recto, Catalogue raisonne, Index finger, Needle, Grave, Finger post, Schedule, Tally, Pigeonhole, Copyright page, Weather chart, Cumulative Book Index, Embargo, Diatesseron, Books in Print, Annulary, Cylindrical projection, Make out, Weather map, Ratio, Pollex, General reference map, Tail, Denial, Hint, Representative fraction, Break down, Isoline, Telephone directory, Indicator, Make an entry, Telltale sign, Catalogue, Stamp, Spoor, Key, Annual bibliography, Volstead Act, Business directory, Track, Cartographer, Grid line, Symptom, Write out, Education Index, Bastard title, Insert, Introduction, Cast, Representation, Implication, Quirk, Heliographic chart, Arrange, Thematic map, Interdiction, Blaze, Insignia, Forbiddance, Catalog, Inscribe, Tabulate, Nudge, Globe, Annotated bibliography, Folio, Divide, Put on tape, Exclusion, Cartography, Matriculate, Engrave, Bibliography of bibliographies, Gesture, Token, Individualism, Property, Guidebook, Enroll, Text, Analyze, Grade, Clue, Idiosyncrasy, Signal, Figures, Implication, Back, Idiocrasy, Contents page, Pinkie, Note, Road map, Title, Taboo, Post up, Catch line, Middle finger, Hydrographic chart, Cyclopedia, Statistics, Zoning laws, Half-title page, Set down, Cachet, Book, Sign, Innuendo, Contour line, Special map, Indicator, Catchword, Chart, Savor, Nature, Interdictum, Photomap, Projection, Index expurgatorius, Conic projection, Range, Scale, Zoning, Itemize, Ring finger, Card index, Items, Clue, Head, Graphic scale, Write down, Hand, Topography, Impanel, Glimmering, Quality, Legend, Tape, Lubber line, Kick, National Union Catalog, Lead, Finger, Score, Whisper, Forefinger, Ruling out, Refusal, Register, Map, Lineaments, Art Index, Content, Trim size, Mapper, Reduce to writing, Place upon record, Inkling, Direction, Topographic chart, Itinerary, Significant, Directory, Mark, Listing, Subdivide, Injunction, Check in, Minute, Put on paper, Photogrammetry, Prohibition, Finger, Code, Restrictive covenants, Telltale, Prohibition Party, Sinusoidal projection, Relief map, Guide, Work of reference, Layer tint, Videotape, Sure sign, Cue, Digit, Taste, Post, Type page, Aroma, Contour map, Classified catalog, Characteristic, Gazetteer, Table of contents, Direction post, Endleaf, Poll, Indicant, No-no, Running title, Representative, Indication, Rate, Periodical index, Intimation, Carve, Image, Hallmark, Miller projection, Token, Specialty, Signal, Enscroll, Wink, Indicator, Disallowance, Broad hint, Dedication, Shape, Thumb index, Back matter, Taint, Concordance, Reverso, Telephone book, Photogrammetrist, Fist, Trait, Flyleaf, Colophon, Suppression, Chorography, Checklist, Little finger, Needle, Inventory, Differentia, Picture, Divisions, Sign, Parts, Phone book, Leaf, Mercator projection, Pointer, Reference book, Verso, Azimuthal projection, City directory, Acknowledgments, Roadbook, Celestial chart, Minute hand, Record book, Gentle hint, Marker

How to use Index in a sentence?

  1. The pins are pulled and configured to handle the adjacent distribution position.
  2. Taking notes makes it easy to keep a clear index of everything so you can find them quickly.
  3. Legislation that indexes wages in terms of prices.
  4. There is evidence in this article that the sum of the general vector field index for each closed species is the topological environment, that is, the characteristic of the Euler.
  5. If you want to know what you are looking for, take a look at the index and it will tell you.
  6. Clear references, complemented by a detailed index.
  7. Open the index online and find Dr. Zimmerman. They are shown alphabetically below.
  8. Test results can be used as an indicator of teacher effectiveness.
  9. This list also includes the article under the heading of regions.

Meaning of Index & Index Definition