Index-Linked Bond

Index-Linked Bond,

What is The Definition of Index-Linked Bond?

An index-linked bond is one in which interest payments to the principal are linked to a specific price index, usually the consumer price index (CPI). This feature protects investors from changes in the underlying index. Bond cash flow is adjusted to ensure that bondholders receive a well-known actual rate of return. Indexed bonds are also known as Canada Original Production Bonds, US Treasury Inflation Securities (TIPS) and UK Bonds.

  • Indexed bonds, also known as inflation-linked government bonds in the United States, pay interest on a basic index such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
  • The government issues index-linked bonds to mitigate the effects of inflation by paying the actual rate of return plus inflation.
  • These bonds are beneficial for investors as they are less volatile than regular bonds and reduce the risk associated with uncertainty.

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