Index-linked Adjustment

Index-linked Adjustment,

Index-linked Adjustment Meanings:

Meaning of Index-linked Adjustment: It is used in many commercial transactions to provide a workable solution to the problems caused by inflation and currency depreciation. This procedure mainly consists of adjusting the payments, profits, profits, taxable income limits, holding tax, etc. Update or change the accepted inflation index or other indicators.

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Meanings of Index:
  1. An alphabetical list of names, articles, etc., where they appeared, usually at the end of the book.

  2. An indication, mark or measure of something.

  3. A competitor or superscript or subscript attached to a set.

  4. Identifies a device that shows scale, position on a scale, and so on.

  5. Save (name, title, etc.) to the index.

  6. Automatically associate a price (price, salary, or other payment) with the price of the price index.

  7. Rotate (from a machine or part of a machine) or move from one default position to another to continue the operation.

Sentences of Index
  1. A clear reference completed by a clear index

  2. Test results can be used as an indicator of teacher effectiveness.

  3. There is evidence in this article that the sum of the general vector field index for each closed species is the topological environment, that is, the Euler property.

  4. The list also includes an article entitled Area

  5. Legislation to regulate prices

  6. The pins are pulled and configured to handle the adjacent distribution position

Synonyms of Index

hint, implication, lead, intimation, suggestion, clue, indication, evidence, symptom, mark, guide, hand, needle, marker, pointer, token, finger, indicator, signal, sign


Meanings of Linked:
  1. The relationship between two things or situations, especially when it affects each other.

  2. A ring or loop on a chain.

  3. Create, create or suggest links to sign in.

  4. Field lanterns and trailers to illuminate dark streets.

Sentences of Linked
  1. A commission to investigate the link between pollution and deforestation

  2. Steel Link China

  3. Rumors of her being linked to Judith

Synonyms of Linked

associate, connective, wed, draw a connection between, linkage, marry, connection, relate, relationship, relatedness, loop, connector, connect, knot, coupling, join, bracket, tie-up, ring, association, joint


Meanings of Adjustment:
  1. Get the fit, appearance, or result you want with minor modifications or gestures.

Sentences of Adjustment
  1. I have made some adjustments in my diet

Synonyms of Adjustment

habituating, assimilating, inurement, adaptation, adapting, harmonization, assimilation, habituation, accommodation, naturalization, accommodating, accustoming, acculturation, reconciliation, acclimatization, familiarization