Definition of Independent:

  1. Not controlled by any outside factors including opinions and regulations.

  2. Not connected with another or with each other; separate.

  3. Free from outside control; not depending on anothers authority.

  4. An individual who is not affiliated with a specific political party.

  5. An independent person or body.

  6. Capable of thinking or acting for oneself.

  7. Not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence.

Synonyms of Independent

Self-sufficient, Self-supporting, Self-sustaining, Self-reliant, Self-standing, Able to stand on ones own two feet, Freethinking, Individualistic, Unconventional, Maverick, Unconnected, Unrelated, Unassociated, Dissociated, Unattached, Separate, Laodicean, Abounding in riches, Affluent, Alien, Anythingarian, Apart, Apart from, Apathetic, Arbitrary, Aside from, Autarchic, Autarkic, Autonomous, Barring, Besides, Beyond, Big-rich, Bold, Centrist, Comfortable, Competent, Controlled, Detached, Disconnected, Discrete, Discretional, Discretionary, Disgustingly rich, Disinterested, Disjunct, Disrelated, Dissociated, Distinct, Elective, Erect, Even, Except for, Excluding, Exclusive of, Exotic, External, Extraneous, Fat, Fence-sitter, Fifty-fifty, Firm-minded, Flush, Foreign, Forward, Free, Free lance, Free spirit, Free trader, Free will, Free-spirited, Freethinker, Freewheeling, Frightfully rich, Gratuitous, Half-and-half, House-proud, Ignoring, Impartial, Importunate, In funds, In the money, Incommensurable, Incomparable, Independently rich, Independently wealthy, Indifferent, Individual, Individualist, Individualistic, Inner-directed, Insular, Irrelative, Irrespective of, Isolated, Isolationist, Latitudinarian, Liberal, Libertarian, Libertine, Loaded, Loner, Luxurious, Made of money, Maverick, Midway, Moderate, Moneyed, Mugwump, Mugwumpian, Mugwumpish, Neuter, Neutral, Nonaligned, Noncommitted, Nonconformist, Nonmandatory, Nonpartisan, Nothingarian, Notwithstanding, Offered, On the fence, Oofy, Optional, Opulent, Other, Outlandish, Outside, Passive, Prideful, Proffered, Prosperous, Proud, Proud as Lucifer, Proud-blooded, Proud-looking, Proud-minded, Proud-spirited, Proudful, Proudhearted, Provided for, Purse-proud, Pushy, Removed, Rich, Rich as Croesus, Rolling in money, Rugged individualist, Segregate, Self-acting, Self-active, Self-asserting, Self-assertive, Self-assured, Self-centered, Self-confident, Self-contained, Self-controlled, Self-dependent, Self-determined, Self-determining, Self-directing, Self-esteeming, Self-expressive, Self-governed, Self-governing, Self-helpful, Self-helping, Self-improving, Self-possessed, Self-reliant, Self-respecting, Self-restrained, Self-subsistent, Self-sufficient, Self-supporting, Self-sustained, Self-sustaining, Separate, Separated, Sovereign, Spontaneous, Stiff-necked, Strange, Strong-minded, Strong-willed, Swing vote, Third force, Third world, Third-force, Third-world, Unaffiliated, Unallied, Unasked, Unassociated, Unbesought, Unbiased, Unbidden, Uncalled-for, Uncoerced, Uncommitted, Uncommitted voter, Uncompelled, Unconnected, Uncontrolled, Undecided, Unearned, Unfettered, Unforced, Uninfluenced, Uninvited, Uninvolved, Unlimited, Unprejudiced, Unpressured, Unprompted, Unrelatable, Unrelated, Unrequested, Unrequired, Unrestrained, Unrestricted, Unsolicited, Unsought, Voluntary, Volunteer, Wallowing in wealth, Warm, Wealthy, Well provided for, Well-fixed, Well-heeled, Well-off, Well-to-do, Willful

How to use Independent in a sentence?

  1. The young girl was independent from an early age and moved out of her family home to pursue her dreams of being a novelist.
  2. Advice for independent travelers.
  3. The study is totally independent of central government.
  4. It is often difficult to predict the outcome of an election because independent voters do not register with any particular party.
  5. I wanted to remain independent in old age.
  6. One of the few independents left in the music business.
  7. The legislature and the judicature are independent of each other.
  8. Every good parent wants to have their child grow up to be an independent thinker and not just a blind follower.

Meaning of Independent & Independent Definition