Definition of Independent:

  1. Not controlled by external factors, including opinions and rules.

  2. Not separate from or separate from anyone else

  3. Free from any external authority, free from any other authority.

  4. A person who is not affiliated with any particular political party.

  5. Free person or entity.

  6. You can think or act on your own.

  7. It does not depend on other people's livelihood.

Synonyms of Independent

Unlimited, Undecided, Rich as Croesus, Unbesought, Uncoerced, Volunteer, Self-expressive, Proud-looking, Stiff-necked, Irrespective of, Nonconformist, Proudful, Even, Affluent, Fifty-fifty, Optional, Gratuitous, Liberal, Unrelated, Anythingarian, Detached, Independently wealthy, Unrequested, Free will, Well-heeled, Unrequired, Elective, Proud-blooded, Self-sustaining, Noncommitted, Maverick, Third-force, Proud, House-proud, Rugged individualist, Proudhearted, Competent, Distinct, Well-to-do, Dissociated, Nonmandatory, Libertine, Strange, Unrelatable, Self-subsistent, Willful, Self-contained, Disinterested, Segregate, Rolling in money, Wallowing in wealth, Nonpartisan, Other, In the money, Exclusive of, Uncompelled, Discrete, Dissociated, Uncalled-for, Individualist, Self-centered, Third force, Self-reliant, Erect, Separate, Firm-minded, Luxurious, Self-directing, Unconventional, Self-sustained, Libertarian, Controlled, Uninvolved, Bold, Except for, Freethinker, Loner, Discretionary, Removed, Autonomous, Excluding, Individualistic, Half-and-half, Inner-directed, Unconnected, Proud as Lucifer, Autarchic, Prideful, Self-asserting, Self-dependent, Self-reliant, Self-restrained, Unsolicited, Individual, Disgustingly rich, Unbidden, Offered, Self-sufficient, Well-fixed, Apart, Alien, Neuter, External, Strong-willed, Unassociated, Unattached, Uncommitted voter, Self-confident, Ignoring, Pushy, Made of money, Outlandish, In funds, Isolated, Comfortable, Individualistic, Free spirit, Frightfully rich, Warm, Unbiased, Free, Self-governed, Provided for, Third-world, Unconnected, Mugwump, Self-determining, Unforced, Self-supporting, Freewheeling, Freethinking, Exotic, Uncommitted, Fat, Besides, Impartial, Aside from, Strong-minded, Arbitrary, Apathetic, Disconnected, Third world, Self-sustaining, Abounding in riches, Oofy, Self-helping, Unprompted, Mugwumpian, Unrelated, Voluntary, Outside, Self-respecting, Self-governing, Nothingarian, Discretional, Swing vote, Purse-proud, Foreign, Self-acting, Disrelated, Uninvited, Proud-minded, Unsought, On the fence, Sovereign, Unrestrained, Unaffiliated, Mugwumpish, Self-controlled, Beyond, Self-esteeming, Incommensurable, Self-possessed, Independently rich, Forward, Self-assured, Unrestricted, Wealthy, Autarkic, Spontaneous, Apart from, Self-standing, Self-helpful, Insular, Loaded, Big-rich, Nonaligned, Importunate, Extraneous, Self-improving, Notwithstanding, Unassociated, Laodicean, Proud-spirited, Latitudinarian, Self-active, Opulent, Isolationist, Able to stand on ones own two feet, Fence-sitter, Unfettered, Free-spirited, Self-determined, Neutral, Indifferent, Uninfluenced, Well-off, Unpressured, Separated, Moderate, Free lance, Free trader, Unprejudiced, Rich, Midway, Unallied, Well provided for, Passive, Incomparable, Unearned, Centrist, Unasked, Flush, Uncontrolled, Self-supporting, Irrelative, Self-assertive, Prosperous, Maverick, Moneyed, Separate, Barring, Proffered, Disjunct, Self-sufficient

How to use Independent in a sentence?

  1. The girl was released at an early age and left her family home to pursue her dream of writing.
  2. Signs for free travelers.
  3. This study is completely independent of the central government.
  4. It is often difficult to predict the outcome of an election because independent voters do not belong to a particular party.
  5. I want to be free in my old age.
  6. One of the few independent candidates to survive in the music industry.
  7. The legislature and the judiciary are independent of each other.
  8. Every good parent wants their child to become not only a blind student but also a free thinker.

Meaning of Independent & Independent Definition

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