Independent variable

Independent variable,

Definition of Independent variable:

  1. A variable (often denoted by x) whose variable is independent of other variables.

  2. An element or phenomenon that causes or affects other related factors or phenomena, which is called a dependent variable.

    For example, revenue is an independent variable because it affects other consumer variables. In an equation or mathematical model, an independent variable is a variable whose value is determined. In one experiment, a controlled state (which can change in a systematic way) is examined to see if the behavior of the dependent variable is affected. Also known as controlled variable, descriptive variable or predictive variable.

How to use Independent variable in a sentence?

  1. We will start with the view form as the appropriate variable and the rest as independent variables.
  2. It is often observed that independent variables affect psychological research projects that researchers did not initially expect.
  3. In horticulture, the amount of manure used in an area is a controlled or independent variable and consequently the result of plant growth is a dependent variable.
  4. In an experiment, you should control all the independent variables in the best possible way. Otherwise, your experience can produce vague and unexpected results.

Meaning of Independent variable & Independent variable Definition