Independent Agent

Independent Agent,

What is Independent Agent?

  • Independent agents are insurance professionals who can sell insurance products to multiple insurers, as opposed to captive agents who can only represent one company. The difference ends there, as both are licensed to sell insurance products and, basically, make money from the insurance company's commissions for which they work.

  • Paid by independent agents, commissions and agents of various insurers.

  • You can define Independent Agent as, Insurance brokers who sell and offer property and liability insurance through contract arrangements with various insurance companies. Independent agents have an expiration date for policy information and coverage for their clients and therefore monitor their renewal and location.

  • A licensee who represents two or more insurers he sells and manages policies and whose revenue comes only from commissions. (Compare captive agents with live writers and brokers.)

  • Independent contractors who usually represent vendors and service providers as two or more insurers and receive commissions.

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Meanings of Independent:
  1. Free from any external authority, free from any other authority.

  2. It does not depend on other people's livelihood.

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Sentences of Independent
  1. This study is completely independent of the central government

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  3. Signs for free travelers

  4. The legislature and the judiciary are independent of each other

  5. One of the few independent candidates to survive in the music industry

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dissociated, self-sustaining, self-reliant, maverick, unconventional, self-standing, unattached, individualistic, freethinking, self-supporting, unassociated, self-sufficient, unconnected, separate, unrelated, able to stand on one's own two feet


Meanings of Agent:
  1. Someone else is working on behalf of the individual or group.

  2. People or objects that play an active role or cause certain effects.

Sentences of Agent
  1. If you are ill, the permanent attorney allows a nephew to act as your representative

  2. Higher education is generally a liberal class that often sees itself as an agent of social change.

Synonyms of Agent

negotiator, vehicle, mouthpiece, delegate, business manager, frontman, factor, broker, emissary, trustee, spokeswoman, means, spokesperson, instrument, spokesman, proxy, medium, representative, envoy, surrogate, liaison