Independent Adjustor

Independent Adjustor,

How To Define Independent Adjustor?

  1. A simple definition of Independent Adjustor is: Claim a settlement by offering your services to insurance companies and paying a fee.

Literal Meanings of Independent Adjustor


Meanings of Independent:
  1. An independent person or legal entity.

  2. Is independent of external controls and does not depend on the authority of third parties.

  3. Don't depend on other people for food and drink.

  4. Being able to think or act for yourself.

  5. Are not connected or disconnected.

Sentences of Independent
  1. One of the few independent candidates in the music business

  2. This study is completely independent of the central government.

  3. I want to be free in my old age.

  4. Signs for free travelers

  5. The legislature and the judiciary are independent of each other

Synonyms of Independent

dissociated, unrelated, freethinking, self-supporting, unassociated, self-standing, individualistic, self-reliant, unconnected, maverick, unconventional, unattached, able to stand on one's own two feet, self-sufficient, self-sustaining, separate