Indentured Servitude

Indentured Servitude,

What is The Meaning of Indentured Servitude?

  • An agreement waiver is an agreement between two people where no one works for money but against the cost of travel to the United States. The Treaty of Slavery, popular in the United States in the 17th century, was essentially a form of exchange. For example, a person seeking new life in the United States, but cannot afford the high cost of running a steam from another country, would hire a wealthy American landowner to buy the land in exchange for it. Find a job for a while. Set the price of the boat. Tickets.

    • A service contract is an agreement between two people in which an amount of Rs. No, it works for the United States ticket price.
    • The system of slavery was popular in the United States during the wave of European immigrants in the 17th century.
    • In finance, a fictitious contract is an agreement between the issuer and the security holder, which includes important security features.

Literal Meanings of Indentured Servitude


Meanings of Indentured:
  1. Agreement, contract or legal document.

  2. Include (one person) in the trust certificate as an intern or worker.

Sentences of Indentured
  1. Dick was hired by the company in 1917.

Synonyms of Indentured

understanding, compact, agreement, undertaking, settlement, covenant, contract, commitment, warrant, promise, pledge, bond, arrangement


Meanings of Servitude:
  1. Fully submissive to the status of a slave or to someone more powerful.

Sentences of Servitude
  1. His condition as a slave condemned him to live in slavery with little or no control over his future.

Synonyms of Servitude

enslavement, bondage, subjugation, subjection, domination, slavery