Indemnity Payments

Indemnity Payments,

Definition of Indemnity Payments:

  1. Indemnity Payments definition is: (1) Payment or expectation or expectation to the insurance company for basic insurance (such as property damage) or from the insurance company, for liability insurance (such as liability insurance) to the insurance company directly. Damages incurred. () The author's claim under waiver by the author.

Literal Meanings of Indemnity Payments


Meanings of Indemnity:
  1. Security or protection from loss or other financial burden.

Sentences of Indemnity
  1. Money loss is not compensated

Synonyms of Indemnity

guarantee, safeguard, security, endorsement, protection, indemnification, warranty, surety, insurance


Meanings of Payments:
  1. The act or process of paying or receiving a payment to someone or something.

  2. Amount paid or paid.

Sentences of Payments
  1. Request a discount with instant payment

  2. Compensation £ 2500

Synonyms of Payments

amount, instalment, remission, liquidation, clearance, premium, remittance, discharge, settlement, reckoning