Definition of Indefeasible:

  1. Right or title in property that cannot be annulled, defeated, or made void by any past event, or error or omission in the title. For example, the title document issued under the Australian land title system (Torrens System) is indefeasible because it is certified by the government as not encumbered by any claim or interest other than those listed in the document.

Synonyms of Indefeasible

Certain, Changeless, Constant, Fated, Fateful, Immutable, Inalienable, Incommunicable, Incommutable, Inconvertible, Ineluctable, Inert, Inescapable, Inevasible, Inevitable, Inexorable, Inflexible, Insusceptible of change, Intransmutable, Invariable, Irresistible, Irretrievable, Irreversible, Irrevocable, Lasting, Necessary, Noble, Noncommunicable, Noncontagious, Noninfectious, Nonreturnable, Nonreversible, Permanent, Relentless, Resistless, Reverseless, Sure, Sure as death, Sure as fate, Unalterable, Unalterative, Unaltered, Unavoidable, Unchangeable, Unchanged, Unchanging, Uncontrollable, Undeflectable, Undeviating, Unimpartable, Unmodifiable, Unpreventable, Unremitting, Unrestorable, Unreturnable, Unstoppable, Unsusceptible, Unvariable, Unvarying, Unyielding

Meaning of Indefeasible & Indefeasible Definition