Definition of Incur:

  1. Be exposed for your behavior or actions (something unwanted or offensive).

  2. Buying or selling something is usually a negative thing. If you fail to pay on time, you may have to pay late fees and other penalties. Although they made good stock choices, they suffered significant losses when the economy contracted.

Synonyms of Incur

Experience, Fall in with, Run, Invite, Provoke, Draw, Bring down, Acquire, Gain, Arouse, Bring upon oneself, Get, Induce, Be responsible for, Attract, Bring upon, Expose oneself to, Lay oneself open to, Sustain, Welcome, Bring on, Suffer, Contract, Fall into

How to use Incur in a sentence?

  1. Marvin knew that Celeste would be a little upset if he came home so late after playing poker, but he didn't expect Celeste to be angry because it was because of him.
  2. Although the student had to go to the college of his choice, he received tens of thousands of dollars.
  3. I will pay all the expenses.
  4. During my nursing course, I got a lot of student loans and I was amazed at how much interest I was able to earn.

Meaning of Incur & Incur Definition