Increased Period Of Restoration

Increased Period Of Restoration,

What is Increased Period Of Restoration?

  1. In case of physical damage beyond business hours, the required extra time can be resumed so that operations can be returned to their original location before insuring damages to cover the extra time.

Literal Meanings of Increased Period Of Restoration


Meanings of Increased:
  1. To become or grow in size, quantity or degree.

  2. An increase in the size, number, or degree of an object.

Sentences of Increased
  1. Car use is growing at an alarming rate

  2. An increase of 28.3%

Synonyms of Increased

swell, extension, enlarge, grow, multiplication, become greater, get larger, enlargement, get bigger, expand, swelling, expansion, rise, inflation, growth, elevation


Meanings of Period:
  1. Periodic interval between periodic or lubricating phenomena such as mechanical vibrations, alternating currents, variable stars, or electromagnetic waves.

  2. The secretion of blood and other substances from the uterine lining, which occurs in pregnant women between puberty and menopause, is approximately 28 days and usually lasts for several days.

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Sentences of Period
  1. There are rules

  2. As he spoke, he tossed the end of his lighted cigar into the air, as if illuminating it with a dim light.

  3. Horizontal lines or periods also have a tendency to speculate because if you move the line from left to right, only one electron is involved, which changes the atom number one by one.

  4. A good selection of antique furniture

Synonyms of Period

space, stop, duration, spell, stage, menstruation, session, point, interval, stretch, period, menstrual flow, olde worlde, time, of yesteryear, term, nostalgic, bout, run, phase, evocative, in period style, chapter, span


Meanings of Of:
  1. It shows the relationship between the part and the whole.

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  1. 5% increase

  2. North of Chicago

  3. Nice to meet you

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Synonyms of Of

in, carried out by, from, caused by, made by, of, by, done by


Meanings of Restoration:
  1. The act of returning something to its former owner, location, or state.

  2. Throne of hereditary kings, head of government or ruling government.

Sentences of Restoration
  1. Restoring Andrews Vision

  2. Restoration of democratic government

Synonyms of Restoration

revamp, putting back, makeover, repairing, redecoration, rebuilding, reinstitution, revamping, return, reconditioning, overhaul, re-establishment, reinstatement, reimposition, replacing, mending, refurbishment, reinstallation, reconstruction, remodelling, rehabilitation, repair, fixing