Definition of Incorporeal:

  1. Intangible.

  2. Not composed of matter; having no material existence.

Synonyms of Incorporeal

Masan, Airy, Apparition, Appearance, Asomatous, Astral, Astral spirit, Banshee, Bodiless, Control, Decarnate, Decarnated, Departed spirit, Discarnate, Disembodied, Disembodied spirit, Duppy, Dybbuk, Ectoplasmic, Eidolon, Ethereal, Etheric, Extramundane, Form, Ghost, Ghostish, Ghostlike, Ghostly, Ghosty, Grateful dead, Guide, Hant, Haunt, Idolum, Immaterial, Immateriality, Impalpable, Imponderable, Incorporate, Incorporeal being, Incorporeity, Insubstantial, Intangible, Larva, Lemures, Manes, Materialization, Metaphysical, Nonmaterial, Nonphysical, Nonsubstantial, Occult, Oni, Otherworldly, Phantasm, Phantasma, Phantasmal, Phantasmic, Phantom, Phantomic, Phantomlike, Poltergeist, Presence, Psychic, Revenant, Shade, Shadow, Shadowy, Shape, Shrouded spirit, Specter, Specterlike, Spectral, Spectral ghost, Spirit, Spiritual, Spook, Sprite, Supernatural, Theophany, Transmundane, Unconcrete, Unearthly, Unembodied, Unextended, Unfleshly, Unphysical, Unsolid, Unsubstanced, Unsubstantial, Unsubstantiality, Unworldly, Vision, Walking dead man, Wandering soul, Weightless, Wraith, Wraithlike, Wraithy, Zombie, Intangible, Impalpable, Non-material, Non-physical

How to use Incorporeal in a sentence?

  1. Ghostly presences and incorporeal beings.

Meaning of Incorporeal & Incorporeal Definition