Definition of Incompetent:

  1. Not having or showing the necessary skills to do something successfully.

  2. Someone who is not able to handle his or her own affairs due to mental incapacity, being younger than the age of consent, or another reason.

  3. An incompetent person.

Synonyms of Incompetent

Inept, Unskilful, Unskilled, Inexpert, Amateurish, Unprofessional, Lacking ability, Bungling, Blundering, Clumsy, Unproficient, Inadequate, Substandard, Inferior, Ineffective, Deficient, Inefficient, Ineffectual, No good, Not good enough, Wanting, Lacking, Leaving much to be desired, Bungler, Blunderer, Incompetent, Oaf, Dunce, Dolt, Dunderhead, Fool, Idiot, Booby, Stupid person, Moron, Cretin, Imbecile, Awkward, Base, Blank cartridge, Bungling, Castrato, Clumsy, Defective, Deficient, Disqualified, Dud, Dull tool, Eunuch, Failing, Found wanting, Gauche, Gelding, Greenhorn, Ill-equipped, Ill-fitted, Ill-furnished, Ill-provided, Ill-qualified, Imperfect, Impotent, Inadequate, Incapable, Incapable of, Incomplete, Ineffective, Ineffectual, Inefficient, Ineligible, Inept, Inexpert, Inferior, Insufficient, Invalid, Lacking, Little, Maladjusted, Maladroit, Mean, Mediocre, Mediocrity, No conjuror, Not comparable, Not enough, Not equal to, Not in it, Not up to, Out of it, Petty, Shabby, Small, Too little, Trivial, Unable, Unable to, Unadapted, Unadjusted, Unarmed, Unendowed, Unequal to, Unequipped, Unfit, Unfitted, Ungifted, Unprovided, Unqualified, Unsatisfactory, Unsatisfying, Unskilled, Unskillful, Unsufficing, Unsuited, Untalented, Unworkmanlike, Useless, Wanting, Weakling

How to use Incompetent in a sentence?

  1. A forgetful and utterly incompetent assistant.
  2. The tanker captain was a known incompetent.

Meaning of Incompetent & Incompetent Definition