Income From Operation

Income From Operation,

What is The Meaning of Income From Operation?

  1. Gross margin after reducing operating costs.

Literal Meanings of Income From Operation


Meanings of Income:
  1. The work you do regularly or invest

Sentences of Income
  1. Have a good house and a decent income

Synonyms of Income

pay, emolument, stipend, salary, remuneration, wages, earnings


Meanings of From:
  1. Indicates the point in space where the journey, movement or process begins.

  2. Indicates when a specific process, event, or activity was initiated.

  3. Identify the source or origin of something.

  4. The scale indicates the starting point of a certain range.

  5. Determines the point where the observer is placed.

  6. Point to the raw material from which something is made.

  7. Indicates separation or return.

  8. Explain prevention.

  9. Please give reasons.

Sentences of From
  1. She started walking away from him

  2. I'm from Hartford

  3. Seventeen to eighty-four men

  4. From here you can see the island

  5. Copper-based varnish

  6. The party was ousted after 16 years


Meanings of Operation:
  1. Facts or conditions of stay or activity.

  2. Surgery on the patient.

  3. An organized and concrete operation involving a certain number of people, especially members of the armed forces or the police.

  4. The process by which numbers, quantities, impressions, etc. They modify or manipulate according to regular rules such as addition, multiplication and subtraction.

Sentences of Operation
  1. Plant construction and work

  2. I haven't felt better since my bypass surgery.

  3. Rescue operation

  4. Problems can be created to cover all the mathematical processes of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Synonyms of Operation

enterprise, job, major surgery, undertaking, activity, step, surgery, surgical intervention, campaign, process, affair, procedure, exercise, action, manoeuvre, business, running, performance, functioning, task, behaviour, working, surgical operation, minor surgery