Income Account

Income Account,

Income Account Meanings:

Income Account definition is: An account that receives interest from bonds and balances or profits from equity positions.

Literal Meanings of Income Account


Meanings of Income:
  1. Work or investment is mainly paid regularly

Sentences of Income
  1. Have a good house and a decent income.

Synonyms of Income

remuneration, earnings, stipend, salary, wages, emolument, pay


Meanings of Account:
  1. See or see yourself in a certain way.

  2. A record or report of financial income and expenditure relates to a specific period or purpose.

  3. An agreement in which an organization raises funds on behalf of a customer or provides goods or services to a customer on credit.

  4. An agreement that gives a user personal access to a computer, website, or application by entering their personal username and password.

Sentences of Account
  1. Detailed report obtained

  2. The general ledger accounts for all income and expenses.

  3. He doesn't care about money

Synonyms of Account

ledger, note, financial record, balance sheet, communiqué, adjudge, rendition, delineation, narrative, interpret as, moment, book, deem, news, sketch, journal, narration, consider, weight, seriousness, mark, financial statement, judge, portrayal, see as, significance, interpretation, rate