Incidental Expense

Incidental Expense,

How Do You Define Incidental Expense?

  • Travel expenses for state-owned companies. The period includes mandatory insurance or service fees and applicable taxes, excluding food price taxes. The term does not include food, accommodation or transportation, personal expenses, expenses that relate to a person's government expenses, indications or grants, regardless.

Literal Meanings of Incidental Expense


Meanings of Incidental:
  1. Random details, expenses, events, etc.

  2. Guiding is not an integral part of anything.

  3. Likely to result in (an activity)

Sentences of Incidental
  1. Allowance to cover food, taxi and other additional expenses.

  2. For sales reps dealing with real issues, paperwork is second.

  3. Common fire hazards.

Synonyms of Incidental

less important, accompanying, associated with, ancillary, contingencies, related to, odds and ends, of less importance, extras, connected with, subsidiary, subordinate, concomitant to, auxiliary, attendant on, attending, secondary


Meanings of Expense:
  1. Compensation for tax base (item of expenses).

  2. The price of something, the money spent on something.

Sentences of Expense
  1. This year, up to 17,500 investments can be received

  2. We order apparel at a high price

Synonyms of Expense

cost, price