Definition of Incident:

  1. A negative event that (depending on the circumstances) can result in loss, destruction or damage. See also accident.

  2. An event or incidents.

  3. Probably because it was the result.

  4. Secret event or incident.

  5. (Especially light or other radiation) Falling or hitting something.

  6. Attached to

Synonyms of Incident

Occasion, Twist, Denouement, Mythos, Argument, Happening, To-do, Adventure, Occasion, Event, Eventuality, Topic, Business, Reality, Plan, Catastrophe, Proceeding, Angle, Atmosphere, Design, Eventuality, Color, Complication, Architectonics, Affair, Fracas, Happening, Slant, Recognition, Peripeteia, Plot, Line, Development, Contrivance, Action, Event, Occurrence, Fable, Occurrence, Affair, Subject, Scene, Switch, Thematic development, Condition, Fact, Device, Architecture, Particular, Happenstance, Set-to, Motif, Theme, Do, Rising action, Falling action, Tone, Local color, Conjuncture, Proceeding, Experience, Mood, Continuity, Commotion, Movement, Secondary plot, Characterization, Gimmick, Experience, Background, Turn of events, Episode, Disturbance, Upset, Skirmish, Hap, Circumstance, Contingency, Phenomenon, Scheme, Subplot, Juncture, Story, Structure, Matter of fact, Anagnorisis, Episode

How to use Incident in a sentence?

  1. When the ion beam reaches the surface.
  2. Changes in economic development.
  3. The employee cannot turn off the stove in the break-in room, which causes a fire and everyone has to be evacuated.
  4. If an incident is happening in your office, write a report and document it to avoid liability.
  5. When something goes wrong with your company, you need to fine-tune the incident report to ensure that everything is handled fairly and fairly.
  6. All sorts of funny things.

Meaning of Incident & Incident Definition