Definition of Inchoate:

  1. Just begun and so not fully formed or developed; rudimentary.

  2. The term "inchoate" refers to a state of activity or entitlement that is characterized by partial completion of an intended outcome or status. The notion of inchoate comes into play most often in a legal sense, as it could refer to an inchoate transaction between two parties, where the tentative terms of an agreement have been discussed, and it's plausible that the deal will go through, but no formal agreement has yet been signed.

  3. Incomplete, imperfectly formed, or unvested.

  4. "Inchoate" can also be applied to rights, actions, titles, liens and even criminal activity, such as in an attempted crime. It is the opposite of choate, which refers to an action, right, title, lien, or criminal activity that is fully complete and realized.

  5. (of an offense,) anticipating or preparatory to a further criminal act.

Synonyms of Inchoate

Abecedarian, Aboriginal, Aimless, Aleatoric, Aleatory, Amorphic, Amorphous, Anarchic, Antenatal, Autochthonous, Baggy, Beginning, Blobby, Blurred, Blurry, Broad, Budding, Capricious, Casual, Chance, Chancy, Chaotic, Characterless, Confused, Creative, Desultory, Disarticulated, Disconnected, Discontinuous, Disjointed, Disjunct, Disordered, Disorderly, Dispersed, Disproportionate, Elemental, Elementary, Embryonic, Erratic, Featureless, Fetal, Fitful, Foggy, Formative, Formless, Foundational, Frivolous, Fundamental, Fuzzy, General, Gestatory, Gratuitous, Haphazard, Hazy, Hit-or-miss, Ill-defined, Immethodical, Imprecise, In embryo, In its infancy, In the bud, Inaccurate, Inaugural, Inceptive, Inchoative, Incipient, Incoherent, Incunabular, Indecisive, Indefinable, Indefinite, Indeterminable, Indeterminate, Indiscriminate, Indistinct, Inexact, Infant, Infantile, Inform, Initial, Initiative, Initiatory, Introductory, Inventive, Irregular, Kaleidoscopic, Kindred, Lax, Loose, Lumpen, Meaningless, Misshapen, Misty, Nascent, Natal, Nondescript, Nonspecific, Nonsymmetrical, Nonsystematic, Nonuniform, Obscure, Orderless, Original, Parturient, Planless, Postnatal, Pregnant, Prenatal, Primal, Primary, Prime, Primeval, Primitive, Primogenial, Procreative, Promiscuous, Random, Rudimental, Rudimentary, Senseless, Shadowed forth, Shadowy, Shapeless, Spasmodic, Sporadic, Stochastic, Straggling, Straggly, Sweeping, Systemless, Unarranged, Unclassified, Unclear, Undefined, Undestined, Undetermined, Undirected, Ungraded, Unjoined, Unmethodical, Unordered, Unorganized, Unplain, Unsorted, Unspecified, Unsymmetrical, Unsystematic, Ununiform, Ur, Vague, Veiled, Wandering, Rudimentary, Undeveloped, Unformed, Immature, Incomplete, Incipient, Inchoate, Just beginning

Meaning of Inchoate & Inchoate Definition