Inchmaree Clause

Inchmaree Clause,

Inchmaree Clause means,

  1. Marine insurance that covers damage caused by steam boilers, broken trees, other mechanical failures, hidden defects in ship equipment or machinery, and defects or errors in ship navigation or management.

  2. For the Navy, a clause extending the policy to cover losses due to boiler failure, damage to trees, hidden defects in the engine, plow or equipment and damage caused by poor navigation or management. The ship of the same name was involved in a lawsuit in 1887.

Literal Meanings of Inchmaree Clause


Meanings of Clause:
  1. A grammatical organizational unit that spells a sentence in a line. Is down and in traditional grammar, it must have an article and a prologue.

  2. Articles, terms or conditions are specific and separate from an agreement, bill or agreement.

Sentences of Clause
  1. Ground clauses fall into the traditional category of limited clauses.

  2. All we really have here are adjectives that can qualify as nouns or nouns.

  3. Individual words associated with this phenomenon are given more attention than sentences or sentences.

  4. If I can insert these clauses into a coherent sentence, I will contact you.

  5. I should have known because they used a clause in the sentence that it was a bad idea.

  6. A limited agreement is a clause that limits or restricts the scope of the relevant name.

  7. Again, almost all examples in both tables have built-in relative clauses.

  8. I deleted clauses and sentences with my dirty notes and became the target of rumors.

  9. The trick is to drag the meaning of ambiguity from one sentence to another, from one sentence to another.

  10. Each experimental group was instructed to use only one type of relative clause.

Synonyms of Clause

idiom, part, turn of phrase, point, phrasal idiom, term, passage, clause, locution, wording, construction, heading, idiomatic expression, paragraph, phrasal verb, set phrase, subsection, item, group of words, word group, article, note