Definition of Incentivize:

  1. To offer some motivation to someone so that they will want to perform some action. In order to incentivize the sales associates, their boss told them that they would receive a bonus for every ten customers who bought from them. See also incentivized traffic.

  2. Provide (someone) with an incentive for doing something.

Synonyms of Incentivize

Encourage, Act as a fillip to, Act as a impetus to, Act as a incentive to, Act as a spur to, Act as a stimulus to, Prompt, Prod, Move, Motivate, Trigger, Spark, Spur on, Galvanize, Activate, Kindle, Fire, Fire with enthusiasm, Fuel, Whet, Nourish

How to use Incentivize in a sentence?

  1. This is likely to incentivize management to find savings.

Meaning of Incentivize & Incentivize Definition