Incentive Stock Options (ISOs)

Incentive Stock Options (ISOs),

What is The Meaning of Incentive Stock Options (ISOs)?

A simple definition of Incentive Stock Options (ISOs) is: The Stock Incentive Option (ISO) is a company benefit that gives employees the right to buy stock at a lower price with the added benefit of income tax deduction. Income from incentive stock options is taxed at a capital gain rate, not a higher than normal income rate.

  • Stock options give employees the right to buy certain shares at a certain price after the next date.
  • Profits on incentive stock options are taxed at the same rate as the capital gain rate, not the maximum tax rate.
  • However, encouraging stock options require a period of at least two years and a retention period of more than one year before being sold.

Literal Meanings of Incentive Stock Options (ISOs)


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