Incentive marketing

Incentive marketing,

Definition of Incentive marketing:

  1. Use of motivational devices such as competitions, games, premiums, special pricing, to promote the sale of a merchandise or service.

Meaning of Incentive marketing & Incentive marketing Definition

Incentive Marketing,

Definition of Incentive Marketing:

  • Offer sellers prizes or gifts to get more orders from resellers or customers. Offer a gift to a customer to purchase a product or service.

Literal Meanings of Incentive Marketing


Meanings of Incentive:
  1. Anything that motivates or motivates you to do something.

Sentences of Incentive
  1. Consumers have no incentive to save water

Synonyms of Incentive

inducement, motivation, motive, reason, stimulus, stimulant, spur, impetus, encouragement, impulse


Meanings of Marketing:
  1. Initiatives or activities to promote and sell products and services, including market research and advertising.

Sentences of Marketing
  1. Sales and marketing of Western art

Synonyms of Marketing

business methods, business practices, business, commerce, trading, trafficking, marketing, merchandising, transactions, financial transactions