Inbound Transaction

Inbound Transaction,

What Does Inbound Transaction Mean?

  • The term refers to taxation of foreigners who do business and invest in another country.

Literal Meanings of Inbound Transaction


Meanings of Inbound:
  1. At a particular place, especially when returning to the original starting point.

  2. (Ball) Off the field, play.

  3. Travel to a specific location, especially when you return to your starting point.

Sentences of Inbound
  1. Let's go for the boat

  2. Ohio State returned the ball against the crowd of defenders

  3. Authorities set up barricades to block all traffic in tunnels and bridges.


Meanings of Transaction:
  1. An example of buying or selling something in a company.

Sentences of Transaction
  1. The delivery date is very important in general business negotiations

Synonyms of Transaction

contract, settlement, undertaking, compact, agreement, bond, affair, pact, treaty, deal, business, bargain, arrangement, negotiation