In specie

In specie,

Definition of In specie:

  1. In specie is a Latin phrase and can be translated as "in its actual form.".

  2. The phrase in specie describes the transfer of an asset in its current form rather than in the equivalent amount of cash. In specie distributions are usually made when cash isn’t readily available or when it’s simply more practical to hand over the asset rather than cash. There also are tax benefits to some in specie transactions.

  3. In coin.

  4. In the real, precise, or actual form specified.

  5. From the Latin term meaning in actual form, this is an asset that will be recorded as it appears and will not be converted for liquidation if a financial crisis arises.

How to use In specie in a sentence?

  1. The plaintiff could not be sure of recovering his goods in specie.
  2. In specie transactions may involve either physical goods or financial assets.
  3. Tax implications may influence the decision to use in specie.
  4. In specie is the delivery of a financial asset in its current form rather than in an equivalent amount of cash.

Meaning of In specie & In specie Definition