In My Daughter's Eyes Lyrics

In My Daughter's Eyes Lyrics

Does anyone know what it means to sing in my daughter's eyes (via Martina McBride)?

He said that in the eyes of his daughter he is very good and can do anything. He also said that his daughter told him that he could do anything. When you think of giving up, you think only of your daughter and it gives you the strength to move on.

In my daughter's eyes

McBride said he was strong in his daughter's eyes, ah. He also said that as his daughter grew up, it was difficult for him to see the world through his mother's eyes and to experience it.

I must say that this is the truth of the mother's mind and her daughter's life ... literally what she sees in her daughter's eyes. Simplicity at its best!


Well, the author wrote this song when her first baby was just a few weeks old. He tries to tell everyone how much he loves his daughter and he knows his daughter that he loves her.

In My Daughter's Eyes Lyrics