In-Force Exposure

In-Force Exposure,

In-Force Exposure: What is the Meaning of In-Force Exposure?

  • Effective exposure refers to the unit that suffers from the current losses.

    The insurer calculates the applicable risk at a given time to assess your total risk. Calculations help insurance companies assess whether or not they have taken too much risk.

Literal Meanings of In-Force Exposure


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Meanings of Exposure:
  1. The state of being related to something.

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  3. Exhibition of photographic film on light image or other radiation.

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Sentences of Exposure
  1. Dangers of asbestos exposure

  2. A camera that takes pictures immediately after being exposed

  3. The exhibition is perfect: a slight slope to the southwest

Synonyms of Exposure

showing, uncovering, outlook, direction, exhibition, unmasking, revelation, submission, vulnerability, manifestation, unveiling, frontage, aspect, display, subjection, laying open, disclosure, view