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In Escrow,

How To Define In Escrow?

In Escrow means: In financial transactions, the term escrow account refers to the temporary condition of an item, such as money or property, that has been transferred to a third party. Such exchanges are usually made between the buyer and the seller.

  • Bankruptcy is a temporary state of an item that is usually transferred from buyers and sellers to a third party.
  • Securities held can include real estate, cash, stocks and shares.
  • Immovable real estate is widely used in transactions where assets, money and property are held in custody until certain conditions are met.

Literal Meanings of In Escrow


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Meanings of Escrow:
  1. Guarantees, deeds or other documents held by a third party will not be valid unless certain conditions are met.

  2. Hold on or believe

Sentences of Escrow
  1. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, home buyers regularly canceled predictions, citing only asbestos or radon.

  2. These resources are used exclusively to improve municipal services