In camera

In camera,

Definition of In camera:

  1. In private, in particular taking place in the private chambers of a judge, with the press and public excluded.

  2. Judicial proceedings conducted in a judges chamber or behind closed doors, for cases involving official secrets, child molestation, rape, or sexual capacity. Latin for, in the chamber. Opposite of open court.

Synonyms of In camera

Covertly, Without anyone knowing, In secret, In private, Privately, In confidence, Confidentially, Behind closed doors, Behind the scenes, Behind someones back, Under cover, Under the counter, Discreetly, Unobserved, Quietly, Furtively, Stealthily, On the sly, On the quiet, Privily, Conspiratorially, Clandestinely, On the side

How to use In camera in a sentence?

  1. Judges assess the merits of such claims in camera.

Meaning of In camera & In camera Definition