In Arrears

In Arrears,

What Does In Arrears Mean?

  • Initially, it was not paid at the time of the agreement and it was late.

Literal Meanings of In Arrears


Meanings of In:
  1. Explain the situation when it comes to covering or fencing something or looking like something else.

  2. Identify the period during which an incident occurred or the situation remained the same.

  3. State the time period before any future event occurs.

  4. (Usually after a non-specific noun) which expresses a condition or condition.

  5. Join or announce participation.

  6. Please show someone's occupation or profession.

  7. Determine the language or media used.

  8. As an integral part (an activity)

  9. Status of influence with a powerful or famous person.

  10. (Someone) in your home or office

  11. Beautiful

  12. (Ball in tennis and similar sports) Landing in designated play area.

  13. Express movement as a result of something or as a result of being trapped or surrounded by something else.

  14. It represents a situation of being closed or surrounded by something.

Sentences of In
  1. Wear your best Sunday

  2. They met in 1885

  3. See you in fifteen minutes

  4. Fall in love

  5. I read about it in a book

  6. She works in publishing

  7. Says in Polish

  8. When planning public spending, it's best to be cautious

Synonyms of In

indoors, stylish, present, after, modish, in the course of, popular, home, following, subsequent to, modern, chic, into the house, in the middle of, during, over, up to the minute, in fashion, in style, at its highest level, within the bounds of


Meanings of Arrears:
  1. The amount owed should have been paid in advance.

Sentences of Arrears
  1. Prosecute tenants for delays

Synonyms of Arrears

debt, outstanding payment, debts, dues, outstanding payments, indebtedness, liabilities, money owing