Definition of Impute:

  1. Represent (something, especially something undesirable) as being done, caused, or possessed by someone; attribute.

  2. To ascribe or attribute, often by association, charge, fault, or misconduct.

Synonyms of Impute

Attribute, Ascribe, Assign, Credit, Accredit, Chalk up, Accredit, Accuse, Adduce, Allege, Apply, Arraign, Article, Ascribe, Assign, Attach, Attribute, Book, Bring accusation, Bring charges, Bring to book, Charge, Cite, Complain, Credit, Denounce, Denunciate, Fasten on, Fasten upon, Finger, Give, Hang something on, Hint, Hint at, Impeach, Imply, Indict, Inform against, Inform on, Insinuate, Intimate, Lay, Lay charges, Lodge a complaint, Lodge a plaint, Pin on, Place, Prefer charges, Press charges, Put, Put on report, Refer, Report, Reproach, Set down to, Suggest, Take to task, Task, Taunt with, Tax, Twit

How to use Impute in a sentence?

  1. The crimes imputed to Richard.

Meaning of Impute & Impute Definition