Imputation System

Imputation System,

Imputation System Definition:

A system in which the company will pay a minimum portion of the tax on its profits is met by a shareholder's tax debt that the company receives a distribution of that profit.

Literal Meanings of Imputation System


Meanings of Imputation:
  1. Claims or accusations that someone did something they did not want to do.

  2. Assign an value to an item by adding its value to the value or process in which it participates.


Meanings of System:
  1. A series of elements that work together as part of an interconnection or network mechanism.

  2. A set of rules or procedures by which something is done, an organized structure or procedure.

  3. Current political or social order, especially when viewed as oppressive and stubborn.

  4. A series of stove sticks along with a bangle.

Sentences of System
  1. National rail system

  2. Multilateral system of government

  3. Don't try to ignore the system

Synonyms of System

structure, organization, order, arrangement, complex, apparatus, network, method, methodology, technique, process, procedure, approach, practice, line, line of action, line of attack, attack, means, way, manner, mode, framework, modus operandi, the establishment, the authorities, the powers that be