Definition of Impurity:

  1. Undesirable element or substance commonly or naturally contained in something that lowers the things quality or value, but (depending on its amount) may or may not make it unfit for its intended use. In comparison, a contaminant is an external agent that is (or gets) added to something and usually renders it unfit for its intended use.

  2. The quality or condition of being impure.

Synonyms of Impurity

Adulteration, Debasement, Degradation, Gothicism, Adulteration, Amorality, Backsliding, Bad taste, Barbarism, Barbarousness, Black sheep, Blemish, Bombasticness, Cacology, Cacophony, Carnality, Clumsiness, Coarseness, Contaminant, Contamination, Corruption, Criminality, Crudeness, Cumbrousness, Defectibility, Defectiveness, Deficiency, Defilement, Degeneration, Delinquency, Depravity, Dinginess, Dirt, Dirtiness, Dissoluteness, Dysphemism, Erroneousness, Evil, Evil nature, Fallibility, Faultiness, Filth, Filthiness, Foreign body, Foreign intruder, Foulness, Gracelessness, Griminess, Grossness, Grubbiness, Harshness, Heaviness, Ill-balanced sentences, Immaturity, Immorality, Immundity, Impairment, Imperfection, Impropriety, Impurities, Inaccuracy, Inadequacy, Inadequateness, Incompleteness, Inconcinnity, Incorrectness, Indecency, Indecorousness, Inelegance, Inelegancy, Inexactitude, Inexactness, Infelicity, Intruder, Lack, Lack of finish, Lack of polish, Lasciviousness, Leadenness, Lecherousness, Lewdness, Libidinousness, Licentiousness, Looseness, Lubricity, Lust, Lustfulness, Maculacy, Mediocrity, Messiness, Miriness, Misfit, Monkey wrench, Moral delinquency, Mote, Muddiness, Obscenity, Oddball, Patchiness, Peccability, Pollution, Pompousness, Ponderousness, Poor diction, Prodigality, Promiscuity, Promiscuousness, Prurience, Recidivism, Roughness, Rudeness, Salaciousness, Scruffiness, Sesquipedalianism, Sesquipedality, Shortage, Shortcoming, Sinfulness, Sketchiness, Slipshod construction, Sliver, Slovenliness, Smut, Soiledness, Speck, Splinter, Stiltedness, Stone, Sulliedness, Taintedness, Tastelessness, Turgidity, Unangelicalness, Unchasteness, Unchastity, Uncleanliness, Uncleanness, Uncouthness, Undevelopment, Uneuphoniousness, Unevenness, Ungodliness, Ungoodness, Ungracefulness, Unmorality, Unperfectedness, Unpureness, Unrefinement, Unrighteousness, Unsaintliness, Unseemliness, Unsoundness, Untidiness, Unvirtuousness, Unwieldiness, Vice, Viciousness, Vileness, Vulgarism, Vulgarity, Want, Wantonness, Waywardness, Weed, Wickedness, Wrongdoing

How to use Impurity in a sentence?

  1. A struggle to rid the soul of sin and impurity.

Meaning of Impurity & Impurity Definition