Definition of Improvement:

  1. Correct the process

    For example: 1) Cash has not improved. 2) There is a clear increase in sales compared to last year. 3) Employees focus on improving the work environment.

  2. Something better.

  3. Example or example of improvement or improvement in action.

Synonyms of Improvement

Violent change, Apostasy, Degenerative change, Radical change, Development, Deterioration, Modification, Restitution, Remaking, Redintegration, Reinvestment, Difference, New birth, Discontinuity, Revival, Change, Exercise, Reestablishment, Gradual change, Instauration, Reinstitution, Advancement, Fitting, Variation, Amendment, Regeneration, Diversity, Drill, Melioration, Cultivation, Nurture, Breeding, Nurturing, Upgrade, Fetching-up, Military training, Defection, Discipline, Increase, Convalescence, Diversification, Renewal, Shift, Mitigation, Rehabilitation, Renascence, Manual training, Upswing, Breaking, Reconversion, Upgrading, Replacement, Furtherance, Advance, Modulation, Refinement, Re-creation, Adaptation, Sloyd, Switch, Housebreaking, Repair, Basic training, Worsening, Alteration, Transition, Upbringing, Realignment, Reconstitution, Reformation, Vocational training, Rehearsal, Restoration, Reactivation, Recuperation, Degeneration, Change of heart, Apprenticeship, Gain, Diversion, On-the-job training, Conversion, Recrudescence, Rearing, Reversion, Reversal, Change for the better, Enhancement, Enhancement, Development, Turnabout, Reform, Divergence, Rebirth, Overthrow, Changeableness, Rise, Flip-flop, Deviation, Accommodation, Break, Change of allegiance, Progress, About-face, Raising, Reclamation, Fostering, Continuity, Forwarding, Adjustment, Redemption, Amelioration, In-service training, Betterment, Turn, Training, Revolution, Upheaval, Reinstation, Recovery, Reshaping, Grooming, Reinvestiture, Sudden change, Preparation, Conditioning, Drilling, Reinstatement, Total change, Vocational education, Revivification, Variety, Restructuring, Constructive change, Redesign, Change of mind, Qualification, Readying, Practice, Reenactment, Advance

How to use Improvement in a sentence?

  1. While we expect our sales figures to increase over the past year, we never expected them to triple in a quarter.
  2. Better East-West relations.
  3. You should always try to improve your product to help you sell faster.
  4. With a little refinement, this business can become a place that everyone can be proud of, because everyone knew exactly what was expected of them and how they were paid accordingly.

Meaning of Improvement & Improvement Definition

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What is The Meaning of Improvement?

  1. Improvement definition is: Costs are dedicated to specific specific ASSETS to enhance their performance or working life.

Meanings of Improvement

  1. Examples or examples of repairs or improvements.


How To Define Improvement?

LOAD is dedicated to a specific ET to enhance your performance or lifetime.

Meanings of Improvement

  1. Example of repair or repair

Synonyms of Improvement

rally, correction, rectification, boost, rectifying, augmentation, breakthrough