Definition of Improve:

  1. Make or become better.

  2. Act of enhancing or making better in terms of quality, value or usefulness. This can be by making ideas, objects or processes more desirable by adding or removing components. The term can be also be applied to people as well, via methods such as performance reviews which are meant to try and improve an employee in some manner.

Synonyms of Improve

Make better, Better, Ameliorate, Upgrade, Refine, Enhance, Boost, Build on, Help, Raise, Revamp, Brush up, Polish up, Perk up, Tweak, Accommodate, Acculturate, Adapt, Adjust, Advance, Alter, Ameliorate, Amend, Apprentice, Be changed, Be converted into, Be renewed, Benefit, Benefit from, Best, Better, Boost, Bottom out, Brace up, Break, Break in, Break up, Breed, Bring forward, Bring up, Cap, Capitalize on, Cash in on, Change, Checker, Chop, Chop and change, Civilize, Come about, Come along, Come around, Come on, Come round, Complete, Condition, Convalesce, Convert, Correct, Crown, Culminate, Cultivate, Deform, Degenerate, Denature, Deteriorate, Develop, Deviate, Discipline, Diverge, Diversify, Do to perfection, Drill, Edify, Edit, Educate, Elevate, Emend, Enhance, Enlighten, Enrich, Exceed, Excel, Exercise, Exploit, Fatten, Favor, Fetch up, Fit, Fix up, Flop, Form, Forward, Foster, Further, Gain, Gain ground, Gain strength, Get ahead, Get along, Get better, Go ahead, Go forward, Go one better, Go straight, Graduate, Groom, Grow better, Haul around, Help, House-train, Housebreak, Illume, Illumine, Improve on, Improve the occasion, Improve upon, Increase, Irradiate, Jibe, Lard, Lick into shape, Lift, Look up, Make an improvement, Make capital of, Make hay, Make headway, Make progress, Make strides, Mature, Meliorate, Mend, Mitigate, Modernize, Modify, Modulate, Mutate, Nurse, Nurture, Outweigh, Overbalance, Overbear, Overcome, Overhaul, Overpass, Overthrow, Overtop, Perfect, Perk up, Pick up, Practice, Predominate, Prepare, Preponderate, Prevail, Profit by, Progress, Promote, Put in tune, Put right, Put to advantage, Put to school, Qualify, Raise, Rally, Re-create, Ready, Realign, Rear, Rebuild, Recondition, Reconstruct, Recover, Recruit, Rectify, Recuperate, Redeem, Redesign, Redress, Refine, Refine upon, Refit, Reform, Refurbish, Rehabilitate, Rehearse, Remake, Remedy, Remodel, Renew, Renovate, Repair, Reshape, Restructure, Revamp, Revise, Revive, Ring the changes, Ripen, Rub up, Send to school, Set right, Shape up, Shift, Shift the scene, Show improvement, Shuffle the cards, Skyrocket, Sleep it off, Socialize, Straighten out, Strengthen, Subvert, Surpass, Swerve, Tack, Take a turn, Take advantage of, Take in hand, Take off, Top, Tower above, Tower over, Trade on, Train, Transcend, Transfigure, Transform, Trump, Turn, Turn aside, Turn into, Turn the corner, Turn the scale, Turn the tables, Turn the tide, Turn to account, Turn to profit, Turn to use, Turn upside down, Undergo a change, Update, Upgrade, Uplift, Use to advantage, Vary, Veer, Warp, Work a change, Worsen

How to use Improve in a sentence?

  1. New Years Resolutions are very important for some, as it gives them a motivational boost to improve their lives acknowledging mistakes from the year prior.
  2. We’ve used technology to improve relations with customers.
  3. We decided to improve our position in the market relative to our competition by investing more in marketing and advertising.
  4. He needed to improve his stand up comedy skills before he tried going on stage again because last time he got booed.

Meaning of Improve & Improve Definition