Impresso Módico

Impresso Módico

Or what's missing in letters, registered letters, or medical prints? 3

What should you send and what is in it to send a lightweight art without mail up to 20 grams? Send by Simple Mail? List? Or a medical impression?

Comparison between adult or such free market.

Simple card

Can be used for orders up to 500 grams. They do not allow posting items in this mode. To date, with unanimous recommendations, they can be sent by mail, paper, tape, CD, and books.

 But cheaper option. With 50 g psi or less, however, 1 is correct.

Correct for registered mail, will exit more or less 3 reais.

Registration certificate

The first time I sent it via registered mail or submitted a tracking code.

He wants to be on a trail or near a wavy object.

Registered correspondence can also be used for items worth £ 500, and the relative or Correio Simples has an additional individual custody of R $ 2.60.

Print: (Too much work, it will be over but somehow expensive, yes, so you should buy paper, plastic bags, etc.)

Sai © corn With 50g or less than 1.00, meet or reduce the following two costs.

Either I offer benefits for items between 500g and 1kg for each, such as the city of Sil, or I tie 2kg or 3kg for distant cities.

The only damage that can be done in a relationship or in a normal setting due to seal printing on the packaging should be done differently. Therefore, you should stay open and show that the published content is light. Packages must be open or easily identifiable.

Books are wrapped around brown paper and cut into pages so that either the book is identified but its skill is confirmed.

A similar alternative is to wrap books around plastic balls, and wrap the logo around them in brown paper with slightly open sides. Or a clean plastic ball; for easy departure or package identification.

Impresso Módico