Definition of Impressions:

  1. Advertising: The number of target groups exposed to media programs.

  2. Internet Marketing - The Basics Of Sales Advertising Generally, 10 pages equals views or observations.

  3. Printing: (1) How many times is a page or publication printed to get the full image? Black and white printing (monochrome only) requires only one print, while multicolor printing requires two or more prints. (2) Al alternative term for pressure.

How to use Impressions in a sentence?

  1. The man made a great impression on everyone he met and wanted to have everyone on his team.
  2. It is always important to make a good impression when you are new to the job to build a better working relationship.
  3. When dealing with someone you should always try to make a good first impression with whom you want to have a lasting relationship.

Meaning of Impressions & Impressions Definition