How Do You Define Impost?

Impost definition is: The term tax refers to tax and refers specifically to the definition of goods (imports) (through customs) to determine customs duties and appropriate (import) taxes on imported goods.

Meanings of Impost

  1. Similar taxes or mandatory payments.

  2. The top of a pillar with the help of a pillar.

Sentences of Impost

  1. Article I, Part 8, allows the collection of "taxes, fees, excise duties and taxes", but only provides financial assistance to the government for "essential revenues" and does not protect companies or sectors from international competition. Is.

  2. The place is adorned with feathered solar discs and crown relief statues on the roof beams between the arches.

Synonyms of Impost

tax, tariff, toll, excise, duty, fee, imposition, impost, exaction, assessment, tithe, payment