Definition of Imports:

  1. Products of foreign origin brought into a country.

  2. A commodity, article, or service brought in from abroad for sale.

  3. The implicit meaning or significance of something.

  4. Indicate or signify.

  5. Bring (goods or services) into a country from abroad for sale.

Synonyms of Imports

Buy from abroad, Bring from abroad, Bring in, Buy in, Ship in, Source from abroad, Meaning, Sense, Essence, Gist, Drift, Purport, Message, Thrust, Substance, Sum and substance, Implication, Signification, Point, Burden, Tenor, Spirit, Imported commodity, Foreign commodity, Non-domestic commodity

How to use Imports in a sentence?

  1. The tea company was beginning to worry about competition, so they began ordering imports of different types of teas from China.
  2. The import of her message is clear.
  3. Cheap imports from eastern Europe.
  4. Supermarkets may no longer import cheap jeans from Bulgaria.
  5. A lot of the goods at the store were imports and not homemade items, which made me a bit skeptical about how good they were.
  6. I do enjoy domestic beer made in America like Bud Light, but I prefer imports from Germany such as Mahrs Pilsner instead.

Meaning of Imports & Imports Definition