Importing Meanings:

  • Importing can be defined as, The process of importing goods from one country for sale in another.

Meanings of Importing

  1. Bring (goods or services) from abroad for sale in a country.

  2. Show or mean.

  3. Goods, goods or services imported for sale from abroad

  4. The implication or meaning of something.

Sentences of Importing

  1. Supermarkets can no longer import cheap jeans from Bulgaria

  2. Cheap imports from Eastern Europe

  3. The scope of your message is clear

Synonyms of Importing

implication, sum and substance, meaning, imported commodity, ship in, essence, substance, signification, buy in, message, spirit, tenor, bring in, gist, drift, foreign commodity, non-domestic commodity, sense, bring from abroad, source from abroad, thrust, buy from abroad, point, burden, purport