Imported Drugs

Imported Drugs,

Imported Drugs Definition:

Medicines imported from Canada or other foreign countries are not cheap.

Literal Meanings of Imported Drugs


Meanings of Imported:
  1. (Goods or services) are imported into a country for sale from abroad.

Sentences of Imported
  1. ■■■■■■■■■ imports


Meanings of Drugs:
  1. Medication (to someone) if they are sleepy or numb.

  2. Medicines or other substances with a physical effect when injected or introduced into the body

Sentences of Drugs
  1. They were drunk to silence him

  2. New medicine for people with Parkinson's

Synonyms of Drugs

give narcotics to, anaesthetize, give drugs to, medical ■■■■, medicament, give an anaesthetic to, narcotize, medicine, medication, give opiates to, poison